Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Organize my life: File Cabinet

This week I conquered my filling cabinet. It was worse than that though! We moved into our home October of 2010. This whole time there has been NOTHING in the file cabinet. All things that needed to be filed were in the mancave, craft room, bedroom, Kitchen, and piled on top of the file cabinet....It was a horrible mess that was everywhere. I couldn't bring myself up to the challenge until now. Here is some before-ish pictures:

Here are most of the papers spread out in their respected piles. Can you see why I was holding off on this to do item?
Here is the rest of the papers piled in the boxes waiting to be put in their piles. After many hours of sorting and even getting my husband to go through his piles of school stuff and old homework, we finally got it put together! It was awesome to get it all put into the file cabinet. I can't believe I went so long like this! The magnificant end product:
Boxes have previous years papers. Top 2 boxes are empty. Didn't have anywhere else to put them. Ziplocks for food storage food.
To prove there really is something in the file cabinet. I really should have straighten up the papers before taking the picture..All well I'm running late as it is!

Along with the file cabinet I realize that I might fall back on old ways and not get the next years put away as I should! So I have these 2 secret weapons to help me keep order.

1st the Mail box- This will help to keep all the papers in ONE place. It is labeled as to what should be kept in it and it has no top on it so our laziness can reign. I did a series of pictures of me making the box. so here ya do...
I'm also going to make a shred box. Didn't get around to it yesterday.
On shelf in kitchen, ready to be used.
Thanks for looking at that! I'm trying to get use to making pictures as I'm making something in case I want to do a tutorial....
2nd the Letter organizer. Let's face it most people don't run and put papers right in the file cabinet when it is no longer needed so at least in this folder it will be organized and make it easy to quickly put everything in its place when I get around to it.

Well there you have me my file cabinet is organized!!! Woot Woot! Next week is the food storage room! I'm a coupon-er so this is not a quick and easy task. We'll see what I can do with what I have to work with! Til next time!

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The Gibsters said...

i like your letter organizer idea. I have a folder for Ads and Bills hanging on my wall, but not one for the other things I need to file (or the old bills that I pile up and don't get filed for a while). :) Thanks!

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