Monday, February 27, 2012

Fashion Scarf

I don't know what to call this scarf but I love the looks of it! I made this from 1 medium shirt from Downeast fitters. Thanks sister for getting rid of it for me to pick it up and make it into something else!

I made 6 circles by tracing a medium sized paper plate, then I cut around the inside of the circle about 1/2-1 inch in. Continue around until you reach the end, repeat on other circles That what makes the curly effect of the scarf. Because of the Spandex in this material It made the scarf LONG. So I cut each strip in half and tried them together with a scrap of the extra fabric from the leftover shirt. I added the hair clip as an embellishment. As a hint with the hair clip, The scarf is too thick to have the hair clip hold it all so I tried it with some twine and then had the hair clip hold on to that!
Here a closer look!

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