Friday, February 24, 2012

Gifts of Years Past

Believe it or not but I have been making things for people before this blog started. I know hard to believe.. I wanted to share some of the things i made in the past that I took pictures of. I have never been good about taking pictures of stuff I've made but here are some past Christmas, birthday and wedding gifts I found looking through my stash of pictures.

First the kid bags I found the tutorial at Zaaberry  There is a pic with my kids wearing them to give you an idea how big they are.
I added velco to the flaps, that wasn't in the tutorial, and I also sewed the bottom of the lining in so it wouldn't come out every time you grab something out.
Art smocks Idea found from here I made mine MUCH bigger, all this with only 2 yard of oil cloth!
Gather Clutch- made for Christmas for many family members. Tutorial found HERE
Temple photo block. Made for cousin's wedding. Got the idea from Lil' Luna who has pictures of a lot of temples with I'm going there someday on it or there is a link to pictures with no words! So awesome!

Made for friends birthday
Wood photo frames. Made with extra wood around house, vinyl for the stencil and paints with twine and drilled a hole for dowel on back

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