Thursday, February 16, 2012

Foam board frame

This is one cheap way to hang up your poster size photos and posters!
-You need your photos or posters. (Mine is an awesome art project, plants and shooting stars, made with spray paint we did at a reunion years ago, and also a poster we made through the company paper coterie. I love all their stuff, and sometimes you can find deals that give you free 30 or 40 dollar, just pay shipping! So worth it! It is made on a canvas like material. it has a sticky back so you can put it on anything.)
-Foam board- I found mine at the dollar store, but I had to search for one that wasn't damaged! They also have them at any craft store, they just cost more than a buck.
- Modge Pod
- Foam brush
- Paint (if wanted)
- and Exacto knife. (not pictured, it missed the photo shoot.)

Start off by tracing your pictures. I was able to fit both of mine on one piece!

Cut it out carefully.....

Next paint any edges if you don't want the white edge.

Next apply your photo, and carefully align it with the board,

and done. I put mine on the wall with scotchs' poster wall adhesives. They are just little squares, I put one in each corner. Or put it in a real frame if ya want. I like how it looks this way and it's so much cheaper! Here are the first ones I did of the boys. A pic for every month their first year. :)

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