Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Baby Shower

I was asked to help with a baby shower for my friend, Emily. She is have her second child. This time with it being a boy. We decided it would be nice to throw her a shower to get some of those much needed boy clothes and other things. I was put in charge solely on the decorations. Which is smart cuz I really don't enjoy cooking. I'll do it if it's needed.  I made some typical decorations with the triangle bunting, and balloons hanging from the ceiling. But what I was really excited to do was the Diaper bike and Diaper bassinet. They were so easy to make! I couldn't believe it. Little work for a big result I say! I used 42 diapers all together. About 15 diapers for each wheel then the rest to make the bassinet. I used the information from THIS SITE to make the diaper bike and watched THIS VIDEO to see how it was done. Then I watched some of THIS VIDEO to make the bassinet. (the cat is annoying) Here's what mine looked like:
The bear is kind of falling off his bike! oops!
ahh better!

the bassinet

Some of the other picture taken:

Our yummy foods! The mini quiches and egg rolls from sam's club. Mini cupcakes made by Lacey, mint truffles made by the ward's best chocolate maker, Connie, and Chocolate chip dough truffles made by Jaunita recipe found here.
Our cute pregnant Emily and Juanita

We had a great turn out! It was so fun!

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