Thursday, August 9, 2012

Egg Olympics

Have all of you been glued to the Olympics as I have? It will be sad and good when it goes. I will be able to focus on other things! It has been fun to watch the kids reaction to the games. They are almost always running around and trying to do what they see. The other day they ran over to the wall and put their feet on the wall and started running from wall to wall in their ‘race’.Then they stood on the big chair and jumped off backwards saying they are jumping into the water. They can always think of something!

With the Olympics coming to an end I was trying to think of some kind of fun that we could actively do to celebrate, like a closing ceremony. I automatically thought of the annual tradition we do with Easter and knew it could be adjusted to this awesome event! The tradition? Egg Olympics.

egg olympics-001

Every Easter my husbands’ family has an egg olympics event with all the hardboiled eggs we bring. It is a blast. I decided to introduce my family to it and now have done it the last 2 years. I made a score chart to keep track of who played. We gave the eggs out like crazy. Anyone who did it and worked hard at the events got one. Now onto the events!


Egg Race:

Put eggs on the starting line. Everyone pushes the eggs to the finish line with their noses! Great fun to watch!


Egg Toss:

A classic egg game. Toss to your partner. If egg survives take 1 step back and continue. If egg drops but doesn’t break continue to toss until it does! Our finalist tossed it the entire length of the yard corner to corner. Not bad.


Egg Relay:

Divide into 2 teams. We had 4 on each


Then equipped with spoons take the eggs back and forth. First team back to the beginning wins!


Egg Wrestling:

Place wrists together count one… two…. and on three…. collide the two eggs, whichever egg doesn’t break continues on. Both break? Tie, both out.

IMG_0556 IMG_0557

Egg Shot Put:

Stand in line. Throw the egg like a shot put. We took the circle stepping out to make it safer. (They were all aiming for me)


All got into the games, young and old!


As I’m sure you noticed a lot of eggs get crushed! Some beyond recognition. Know all eggs will not be edible after. Be prepared to make some egg salad sandwiches for Lunch after. :)

There are 2 more events that we have done but I don’t have any pictures of them. There is the egg dive and a different version of the shot put. I will try and explain them well.

Egg Dive:

Have ice cream bucket full of water. Toss your egg underhand which makes the egg twirl in the air and try to get it to land in the bucket with no cracks. This event is my best and also the one that makes you go through the most eggs.

Egg Shot Put:

I changed this one cuz I think it’s just gross but some of you with teenage boys just may love it! My husband does.

Place egg in mouth and shoot it out as far as you can with air and tongue. The farthest “throw”er wins.

So there you go everything you need to go do your own Olympics. You could even add your own medals like these. What are you waiting for get to it!