Saturday, February 18, 2012

Marble Necklace

I have been admiring this necklace for months! The original tutorial can be found over at kellyhicksdesign. I will provide pictures of my necklace and what I did to make this necklace and where I had issues. 

Items needed for this Necklace:
Material (I used Tulle which was left over from my sister's dress)
Marbles whatever color you want (thanks grandma!)
Needle and thread
Small beads for flower
Safety Pin
3 seed beads

I started with sewing  the material in a long tube making sure there was enough room to fit a Marble through it.
I then flipped the tube the right way. Which was the hardest part! It took me 3 tries before I figured out a good way to do it! That tulle doesn't like to be put up against itself!

After getting that right ways I put my first marble in to find the center and tried 2 knot on both sides.

I just kept working side to side knotting as I went. I noticed after doing a few that I wasn't tying them as tight as I wanted to. So I had to take knots out and almost start all the way over. See all the room in with the white on on the right? I'm a little OCD so I had to fix it!

Finally, I made my flower. I just cut squares out about the size I wanted and stacked them on top of each other, then sewed up the center to hold them together, then added the beads, and sewed it to the necklace in the location I liked. Here is the finished product!


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