Monday, February 13, 2012

Craft blog

Yes, you read it right. A craft blog, by yours truly. Anyone who knew me growing up would understand how odd this is. I NEVER wanted to do anything crafty and cutesy. If my youth group was doing an activity like that I would end up changing it into something not cute and incorporate X-men characters into it somehow. Marriage really does change everything. I found myself wanting to make my home warming and inviting and crafts are an easy way to do this. So I have engrossed  into this new world and have found enjoyment in it. I had no idea that sewing would come easy to me, that I would be learning all this new jargon, and have fun making gifts for those around me. I still make TONS of mistakes but in the end the product is something I can be proud of and want to share this with you. So Welcome to my Launch week, There will be all sorts of projects this first week to give you an idea what kind of stuff will be on this blog. I hope it will inspire!

I will have a few features that I will have weekly or biweekly. I have Mimic Mondays, this will be where I show you something that I found and wanted to make from Pinterest or other sites I have found along the way. I will have techniques in general and card making on Wednesdays. (It will be one or the other and in some cases both!) Organizing my Life- Where I challenge you and especially myself to organized and get everything in its own place, and finally Fix it Fridays. As a mother of two, things end up breaking for whatever reason. This will be a way for me to conquer that pile and teach how to fix and what to use to fix things with.

With tomorrow being Valentines I thought I would share my simple crafts and also the plans for our Valentines day!
First off the crafts

My kids loved helping me put up the hearts on the wall and help put the heart chain together. They were so cute about it!
I love this idea! I printed out the subway art but I just haven't taken the time to get a frame for it! Now it's just going to have to wait til next year I'm afraid. put here's a picture of it and a link to go get your own printout!

 I've had my eye on this wreath from Craft Envy. SO CUTE and simple. This WILL be my next wreath!

As for my Valentine's it will be nice and simple. With my husband in grad school there isn't a lot of money to go around for BIG celebrations so we will be taking it easy. First off my husband is taking the day off from school and research! This is a HUGE deal to me, I usually don't see him til after 6 every night and a few nights a week not til 9 or as late as 2 in the morning. This is a sweet and awesome gesture to me!

 I'm going to start the day off with a nice breakfast with heart eggs and matching toast!
Savory Sitter: Kid Friendly Croque MadameI haven't decided if I'm doing the Sandwich or just the toast.
Later we'll be shopping to get each other our Valentine's gifts without kids! For mine we'll be going to antique shops. I've never been to one before! I'm sure that I will be making that a normal occurrence in my life seeing what others have brought home from these magical shops. Andrew's is a sercret. I know he'll be reading this post!

 After we will either get dinner from Great harvest for a sandwich (I'm on a diet) or going home to have some kind of chicken dinner. I haven't completely decided! I will post what we actually do and pictures in a future post!

My favorite thing is that our ward is providing babysitters at the church house from 7-8:30pm. I'm so excited for that! So we'll see what happens!

What are you doing for Valentine's?

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