Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Organize My Life: Game Closet

In my family its all about the games. Growing up we would go to Grandma's house and play games almost every Sunday. Back then it was simple games of Scum (Corporation in my family they didn't like the name Scum) or Hand and Foot. But now it has evolved into bigger and more complicated games that we just can't get enough of. I love games! When Andrew and I married he would complain sometime about how he just wanted to sit and talk on Sundays sometimes and not play games. He was getting burned out. Now I have brought his to the gray side.(gray since it's not really bad except for the pocket book sometimes...) Our game closet has grown and it won't be getting any smaller soon. In fact we just bought 4 new games. All we have played before except Shadows over Camelot. In case your curious we also bought Stone Age, Fresco, and expansions for Dominion and Cities and Knights of Catan (FINALLY!). With getting the new games I needed to make room for them since, well, our game closet looks like this:

 So dis-organized and a little scary though it has been worse in the past. I love the bottom shelf with pledge, scissors, chalk and pillows! Almost a junk drawer down there. This is my first offical spring cleaned area. I got a bucket of suds out and washed the area top to bottom and got all the missing pieces back into their boxes. It makes me wish I had "Spring cleaned" the previous organization..... Here is how it looks now:

 So much nicer.  If you can see in the picture we have a lid of a show box in our game closet. This is for pens, paper and for any missing pieces that we find around and are too lazy to put them back away. This helps to keep them from being lost forever as well as not having to go and search for paper and pens.

I counted our games I was curious how many. We have 50 adult games and 15 children games in addition we have about 8 decks of cards that aren't assigned to a specific game. Wow, though I'm not surprised.
At the bottom there I have a blankets, pillows, and step stools. (I am kind of short)

I'm so happy that I got this looking good again it was overdue. Next week will be the Toy closet

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