Monday, March 12, 2012

Hanging Fun

Like the plaques I got? I purchased theses at Hobby Lobby for 60 cents each! Can't help but love their 80% off section. I am not a coffee or tea fan but those were only held on by small screws, so I removed them easily. I will be doing something with those some day, I keep ya informed.

After taking the coffee and tea off I primed and painted them. Put on cute scrapbook paper. (I have no idea why there is a fork in the picture!)
Grab hammer and nails and choose your spot. These ones are for the boys.

To put their bags and hats on them. They were so excited about it when they saw it. Has anything been put on them since? No. All well I'll get them trained yet!

This one is for me! For keeping my necklaces untangled. I don't have very many of them so this works for me. I've also seen putting on little hooks on the bottom side of a canvas, like HERE, if you need more space and hooks for your jewelry.

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