Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Organize My Life: Food storage room

My food storage room has been really scary for sometime. I get home from shopping and just plop all the food storage on the floor. Months worth of groceries were piled on top of each other. Luckily nothing that would spoil, thank goodness. Here's a little picture of it. I can't find the one of the other side! But just picture a pile of boxes on top of each other almost touching the ceiling! With the ShopVac somewhere buried under it.

Here is how it is now:

Look at all the nicely placed cans of everything. Makes me smile!

On the other side, see all the bottles I put up last summer? Some of it is from family the previous year before. We had to purchase the black shelves for this project. All the applesauce and most of the pears had no home and were in boxes all over. It's nice to have the extra space.

Don't you just LOVE the 2 different strips of carpet? Blue and brown go so well together I just couldn't choose...HAHA nope that's thanks to the previous owners.

Now I told you I was a coupon-er. I have really only just started and I'm not a FREAK about it,yet, but I have my resources that I use and receive 5 Sunday newspapers from Herald Journal, and my in-laws keep the Redplum they get in the mail since I don't receive one at mine. The website I use is SavvyShopperDeals The people that make up that site are from Utah County so some of the unadvertised sales aren't the same as here but everything else I have been able to find! They also don't do Fresh Market but that's the only grocery store they don't in cache valley. So if you have been wanting to coupon but don't know how to go about it go the the website and learn. They also have classes all over Utah to teach you. I went to one in Logan and won some free stuff! :)

This is my favorite shelf. Why? I received everything for 1.00 or less. Mostly less. All the toothpaste (except 3D whitening), toothbrushes and floss I got for free. It also show what I've learned, and that is NEVER pay more than 50 cents for things in the bathroom.

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Kaela said...

I looove your blog:) You are so crafty and organized! I love all that you have posted here. Clearly I have lots to learn from you!! Keep these posts coming!

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