Monday, December 17, 2012

Snowmen and ornaments

Last year I made these cute little snowmen with my sister and mother as well as some ornaments. The snowmen are so fun and easy to make. It’s a great way to use up old clothes and scraps.  All that is needed is the following:

Old socks (I don’t recommend socks with holes :) )

Beans or rice to fill them with

Buttons, ribbon, twine decorative socks , and or fabric to decorate the snowmen with.

Glue gun

Start by filling your main sock with the rice or beans. We used rice. We had to stretch out the socks a bit. So they would be big enough. I used my husbands socks that had lost the other pair. Some of them had holes in the toes, so I cut off the toe and tied it.Having the tied portion on the inside of the sock for the bottom. (the knot is inside the sock.) Then you tie up the top. We used sleeves of old shirts and decorative socks to make our snowmen clothes with. They were the perfect size and already the right shape! My favorite one I made was this one with the sweater sleeve. Add twine, ribbon and or buttons to embellish these little guys to cuteness. We used orange felt for the nose.


Here is what is looks finished and the other snowman I made.



All of our snowmen together. All of them were made with shirts except the stripe ones those were socks.


My sister had just gotten married that summer so she had no ornament and no tree at the time that I decided to have this craft day for her. My sister doesn’t do crafts. She also had no money to go to ornaments. She wanted something to decorate with so I was on the job to find ornaments that were easy to make and also cute.


Look at all that scrapbook paper we went through! Thanks to Julia who gave me a good amount of scrapbook paper when she moved to Colorado. See I really do use it and for others too.  :)

 ornaments3 This one was going to be the top of her tree. She had a painted tree in one of the rooms in her apartment. She ended up getting my grandmothers tree so instead she used it as a wall decoration. She put it up again this year.



The ornaments were so simple. The one above you just cut circles the same size fold them in half and stick them together with ribbon or string in the middle. The ones below you cut paper into strips 3 different sizes. We cut our  scrapbook paper into 1 inch width, and then I think the lengths we did were 6 inches for the center, 8 inches and 10  inches. and yes both of these were seen again in her apartment again this year.ornaments4

My sister and mother aren’t crafty people. Here is my sister getting frustrated with the papers not gluing and staying together….poor thing. :)  Don’t worry I came to her rescue after taking a picture…


Happy Holidays!

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